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Why Construction Needs Managed IT

What is Managed IT?

Managed IT simply means that we are your IT Department and that we manage your IT needs with 24/7/365 IT support and security. We provide you with the peace of mind you need to get your work done right. In today’s increasingly online world of cybernetworks and cloud services, it is not only highly recommended that you and your organization have managed IT, it is also nearly impossible to navigate your way without a managed IT service provider. This is because the online world is so fast-paced that for you to keep up with it all would require that you become an IT professional yourself. We are your IT professionals.

Why Does Construction Need Managed IT?

Construction companies need managed IT services because you need:

  1. Managed IT Services
    • We provide a stack of services that keeps your business safe, secure, and up and running. Our stack includes IT support 24/7/365, IT compliance, cybersecurity, backup and recovery, professional IT services, VoIP telephony, etc.
  2. Data Protection and Backup
    • Not only do we keep you going, we protect your data and back it up with various network solutions, so that your data is safe and secure online all the time. Protection and backup of your data is integral to keeping your business running and afloat.
  3. Cybersecurity
    • Hackers and cybercriminals pose a serious threat to the construction industry, being the third most likely industry to be attacked. With our stack of services, we will protect you from the latest risks, providing you with up-to-date antivirus software, firewalls, active network management, and much, much more.
  4. Cloud Solutions
    • We provide cloud solutions and services that will enable your business to connect with others easily and efficiently. Your data will be not only secure, but also readily available for access when needed.

In short, we bring peace of mind, knowing that your digital data is safe and secure and your network is being handled by expert IT professionals, who know your network needs inside and out.