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When Productivity Tools Aren’t Productivity Tools

Are your productivity tools actually slowing you down?

Facts about productivity tools

Fact: Productivity tools are meant to make you more productive.

Fact: Productivity tools not properly embedded in your business will delay tasks.

Fact: That will frustrate you and your employees.

Fact: That will waste time.

Fact: And money.

Conclusion: This is the opposite of being productive.

Question about how productivity tools slow you down

Question: How does this happen?

Answer about how productivity tools slow you down

Answer: Lack of consistent training means that everyone is doing whatever they think is right, using the same tools in different ways. Employees begin finding their own workarounds for any given tool, not knowing there is an actual and proper way to utilize the given tools. The actual and proper way to utilize any given tool makes it smoother and more efficient for everyone. This is because the tools will allow everyone to better collaborate and communicate.

  • Example #1: Tools aren’t properly integrated with other applications. This results in not less but more work, in addition to workarounds.
  • Example #2: Giving up on tools. Employees may not find a certain tool helpful or useful or easy to use, so they give up on it, breaking down the chain of communication between employees and departments.

So, what do you do?

So, do you just not implement new technology in your business? Implementing new technology can be a big step for any business. So much so, that many owners try to avoid implementing it completely.

Given the aversion to risk, that may be understandable, but it’s not entirely reasonable. The reason it’s not reasonable is that not “getting with the times” in technology will hurt your business more than help it; if you don’t upgrade and update and keep your business technology up-to-date, you risk getting your business left behind, a mere memory in the dust of the not-so-distant past of aged-out technologies.

Some business owners just don’t know which technologies to implement, given the plethora of abundance of technologies out there. And the abundance of information on all those technologies can flood already overwhelmed business owners like yourself, leaving you with no real information on which solutions are right for you.

On top of all that, nearly all the different tools work differently and offer different advantages. Trying to figure out which solution will work for you and your organization can be daunting.

You need help

The first step to any resolution is to admit that you need help. “Help” is a four-letter word that empowers you to take hold of obstacles and turn them around into opportunities. When you are overwhelmed or just unsure about which option is best for you and your organization, we stand in the gap to support you and help you make the best decision possible, both for your business and your bottom line.

We know tech and we get IT

Making decisions like shooting in the dark won’t help your business get where you want it to go. But partnering with us will not only provide you with the resources you need in determining which technologies are the best fit for your organization, it will also provide you with the training and support you and your employees will need. We navigate IT so you can navigate the running of your business!