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We can help you with cyber insurance

How We Can Help!

Sifting through all the lingo and jargon of cyber insurance when looking to purchase a cyber insurance policy can be, to say the least, overwhelming. As there are many different types and kinds of coverage, you may not know which policy to select for your particular business. Not only that, there’s the risk that even when you do have coverage, you may not receive a payout, if you don’t meet all your policy’s requirements. You need not worry, however, as we can help you!

We can help you!

In addition to our expertise in providing cybersecurity, compliancy, and backups to keep you protected, when it comes to cyber insurance, we can provide you with the following assistance:

Auditing and complying with insurance policies

While meeting your cyber insurance policy requirements is ultimately up to you, you improve your chances of meeting those requirements and thereby receiving a payout following a cyber incident with our help, as any good cyber insurance policy requires the employment of a Managed Service Provider, like us.

Many insurance policies require that you take specific actions to reduce your risk of a cyber attack, which may involve maintaining strict security protocols and procedures, regularly backing up data, and the like. We can help manage all of these aspects as well as ensure that the proper and appropriate security measures are followed to protect your data and to comply with policy requirements, as well as making documenting your security measures much easier, which a policy may require.

Selecting the right coverage for your business

Not having a basic understanding of both cybersecurity and cyber insurance, it can be very challenging to know which type of cyber insurance is best for your company out of the many available options, such as policies covering theft or providing liability insurance, or policies that are first-party coverage versus or in addition to third-party coverage. We can evaluate your business and direct you towards the best coverage that is right for you. The drawback of nothing having the right insurance coverage is that you’ll have to pay the premium and not get anything in return when you really need it.

Improving your cybersecurity posture

Due to the great increase in the rate of cybercrime, cyber insurance companies are wary of taking on too much risk. Though this makes obtaining cyber insurance coverage challenging, it is not impossible, and if you have a strong cybersecurity posture, as by hiring a Managed Service Provider like us, your chances of getting coverage will increase.

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If you’re hoping to qualify for a cyber insurance policy, we can help! With our expertise and experience, we can help you choose the right policy for your business and meet your policy’s requirements. Feel free to reach out for a no-obligation consultation and decide whether we might be the right partner for you.