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Three Essential Tools for Security

Three Essential Tools for Cybersecurity for Every Business

Keeping the Most Valuable Asset Secure

Data is the most valuable asset of any business. Safeguarding and securing it should be one of your main priorities. If you don’t have much or any security in place for safeguarding your data, you should be implementing a minimum of three right now. They are firewalls, password managers, and VPN.

There are dozens of security solutions available that all perform different tasks, from preventing criminals gaining access to recognizing attacks in progress and then limiting the damage that could be done. There’s no one-size-fits-all for every business, since each business or organization has different priorities and different types of data to protect.

At Total Secure Technology, we offer a stack of services that provide layered amounts of security and protection. Since there is no silver bullet in cybersecurity, we aim to cover as many bases as possible to ensure that you are protected and safe.

The Three Essential and Basic Cybersecurity Tools


A firewall monitors the internet traffic coming into and going out of your IT network. It acts like a wall between your network and the outside world wide web; hence, the name: firewall. It is a firewall, in reference to firewalls between buildings that were meant to contain fires from spreading. A firewall, then, protects your network from the “fires” that attempt to breach your network; firewalls keep your network safe from intruding “fires,” like cybercriminals. It is your first line of defense against an intruder breaking in.

Password Manager

It is important to have unique and complex passwords for each account you have, each password being different from any other. However, remembering all those passwords can be a nightmare. That’s where a password manager comes in: a password manager stores all your credentials securely. A password manager can also generate nearly impossible-to-guess passwords for all your accounts and applications.

This is useful against brute force attacks, which is where cybercriminals try to force their way into your system by guessing your password. It also keeps you from writing down your passwords, which is never safe!

Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Network, commonly known as a VPN, is important for any hybrid or remote access in your organization. What it means is that workers can access your network remotely–from anywhere in the world–securely. What that means is that you and your workers can work without having toe worry that their online activity is being watched by a criminal, wanting and waiting to steal important data.

VPNs make your browsing completely private, hide your device and location details, and keep whatever you download top secret. If you or your employees use public Wi-Fi regularly, especially to access your network, a VPN is essential.

The Bare Min

While the three tools mentioned above are the bare minimum–the absolute bare minimum–you cannot rely on these three alone to secure your network and network activity. It’s like starting to bake a cake with flour, milk, and sugar, but leaving out everything else: you’ll have something that is cake-like, but not the whole deal. That’s why we stack our layered security tools at Total Secure Technology, to ensure that you and your organization are safe and secure.

You will also need other security measures and tools, such as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and antivirus / antimalware software, in addition to a Incident Response Plan (IRP) for when things do go awry.

With Us

With us, you get the whole stack, you get, like our name says, total secure technology. We don’t just leave you with a few tools to try and safeguard yourself by yourself: we walk alongside you and empower you with training and development, with tools and security features that will protect your business or organization from a data breach or loss of data. We are in it for the long-haul and we layer our services so you stay safe and protected.

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