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Surviving a HIPAA Audit

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HIPPA Verified

If you ask any health IT security professional today about what keeps them up at night, a full-scale data breach is probably at the top of the list. With regulatory fines in the millions and data breach notification/mitigation costs at even higher amounts, data breaches represent one of the greatest financial risks that healthcare providers contend with today. And in light of the new HIPAA Omnibus Rules, health IT vendors now face some of the same challenges as healthcare providers. As HIPAA Compliant Verified, Networking Solutions can help you through this process using our 5 Step Survival Guide for Health Care Providers.

In Our 5 Step Survival Guide for Healthcare Providers

We Will Discuss These Topics:

  1. Getting Organized
  2. Performing a Security Risk Assessment
  3. Implementing Risk Mitigation
  4. Reviewing Business Associate Agreements
  5. Keep Training

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Learn How to Pass a HIPAA Audit

Prepare for your audit with our 5 Step Survival Guide for Health Care Providers!