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Professional IT Services

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Ask any number of our past or current customers the question above, and they’ll undoubtedly respond with our name—Total Secure Technology! We garner that sort of trust from our customers because we know that our success depends on meeting our customers’ expectations. That’s why we strive to provide expert managed IT services that you can rely on. This kind of service excellence and customer support ensures our customers return to us for all their professional IT services.

Need to Simplify Your Microsoft Office 365 Management?

Office 365 gives businesses the tools required in a modern workplace, but you still must provide IT resources to manage and support its daily operations. We’re here to ease your in-house IT resource’s burden by providing professionally managed support that you can depend on.

We have the expertise required to cover all your end-to-end Office 365 management needs. From full migration, deployment, admin, and end-user support—we’ll help you create an environment that drives performance. We deliver results you can bank on.

Are You Looking for An Expert Approach to Computer Rollout?

Choose Total Secure Technology for all your computer rollout needs. We’ve designed our IT services to fit your business from project management to integration to imaging and scripting. Our expert specialists have developed accurate, cost-effective, and highly efficient operational processes to decrease potential downtime.

Regardless of the type of equipment that your enterprise rollout requires, our team has the experience and knowledge to deliver a state-of-the-art solution. We will take the delays, extra expense, and confusion out of your IT hardware or software rollout by leveraging our technical operations team as a single-source provider and a single point of contact.

Is Your Business Preparing for Server Migration?

Computer systems and networks are complicated. Don’t go it alone. When it’s time for your business to copy or move critical data from one server to another, we’re here to handle all your server migration requirements.

We step in and take care of configuring target servers to replace the previous ones, and analyze and replace any aging infrastructure. We know that your business’s success depends on a swift but organized implementation. That’s why we handle your migration carefully, mitigating downtime.

Does Your Company Have the Agility That Cloud Services Provide?

If you’re moving data to the cloud, Total Secure Technology is here to give you an edge by assisting in transitioning your critical business information to and from the cloud. We’ll upgrade your networks, manage your systems on an off-site platform, and implement stringent cybersecurity protocols. Equally important is that we have the experience to lead an easy and seamless migration from traditional computing models to cloud-based platforms.

Don’t let a poorly executed rollout or migration decrease productivity and your bottom line. Let our Professional IT services at Total Secure Technology keep your business productive and accessible.