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Our Journey from MSP to MSSP

Over 20 years, Jon Cooper and his team of network and support engineers, have been securing and supporting critical business technology in the Northern California region. As with everything in technology, the need to continually evolve is a must before you become irrelevant. When Jon started Networking Solutions in 1999, there were far fewer threats to mitigate in Small and Medium-Sized Business (SMB) environments. He started by providing break-fix hourly support on an as needed basis. However, this left clients without regular management of their network and technology.

 By 2006, Jon successfully transitioned Networking Solutions into a highly successful Managed Services Provider (MSP) that helped their clientele securely manage and support technology for a flat monthly fee. Starting in 2018, Networking Solutions determined that ever-increasing Cyber Security threats and attacks needed to be challenged with a much more security-focused approach to managed services. Networking Solutions is now advancing into a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP). With this next evolution, we saw the need for a brand change. Hence, Networking Solutions is now Total Secure Technology. 

Total Secure Technology will continue to operate under the same ownership group and provide the same great network and technology management that we always have. The changes you will see stem from a more focused effort to secure our client’s environment and keep them protected from being the next target of the latest Cyber Security threats. These threats are ever-growing and Total Secure Technology will continue to evolve into a “Best in Class” MSSP as we have done in our past transitions. Total Secure Technology is committed to leveraging every available tool to protect our client environments and ensure that they never become the victim of a Cyber Security incident.  For more information on how Total Secure Technology can protect and support your business-critical technology schedule a 15-minute call now

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