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MFA EZ-R with Microsoft 365

Why the MFA?

Have you ever found Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to be a bit…cumbersome? Complicated? Interruptive?

In part, that’s what MFA is supposed to be! It’s supposed to put a pause on accessing accounts and data. And while it might seem like a drag to put up with or an obstacle to overcome, MFA is really all about protecting your accounts and data.

MFA is vital to protecting you from cybercriminals. It works by generating a second, single-use passcode every time you log into an account. Usually, the code is sent to an authenticator app on your phone that you have already downloaded and set up. Security codes can also be sent via SMS text message, a phone call, or a special USB key to plug into your computer or device. Oftentimes, the process is expediated by using a biometric login like a fingerprint or face ID.

The few extra seconds it takes to to securely access your account surely outweighs the minor inconvenience of having to utilize MFA!

Good News!

But now there is good news for users of Microsoft and Outlook.

Microsoft is going to enable MFA directly in its Outlook app for many 365 business users.

Microsoft wants to save us those extra few seconds by streamlining MFA for Microsoft 365 business accounts. It will do this by building MFA directly into the Outlook app in a feature called Authenticator Lite. Up till now, like everyone else, Microsoft has relied on a separate authenticator app or sending login codes.

Once Microsoft rolls out Authenticator Lite in conjunction with the Outlook app, we may see a shift in the industry and in how MFA is implemented and utilized, making our world more connected and integrated, more secure and safer.

What Now?

If you aren’t using MFA right now, you need to! If you think you’re fine without it, you need to know you’re more vulnerable than ever. With MFA, you improve your chances of protection 99.9%! Without MFA, you leave yourself open to the possibility of not being able to protect you and your data, which can lead to costly expenses, including loss of time and energy that you’ll never get back. We can help! Contact us today to find out how we MFA your organization to secure your assets!