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May Tech Tip

Your Credentials Have Been Compromised – What Are Your Next Steps?

You’ve just discovered a compromised employee credentials and other sensitive data from your company exposed and available on the dark web. The reality is, once exposed to the dark web, your information cannot ever be completely removed or hidden. You cannot file a complaint or contact a support line to demand your data be removed. We offer a complimentary Dark Web Scan that will detect if you have been compromised by a bad actor and be sure to follow these five steps after you have been compromised in order to decrease the chance of it happening again.

  1. Implement Multifactor Authentication – Even the strongest and most complex passwords won’t protect you if they have been compromised and exposed on the dark web. Requiring users to verify who they say they are via two or more unique security factors will virtually eliminate more than half the threats and risks associated with exposed user credentials.
  2. Ongoing Security Awareness Training For Users – Users continue to be the weakest link in security for businesses worldwide. This is often due to genuine ignorance regarding security best practices and a lack of knowledge or awareness of common threats and risks. Establishing a ongoing security awareness training for all users will turn your weakest link into your most robust security defense.
  3. Perform Regular Risk Assessments – A comprehensive audit of your business infrastructure and systems will inevitably reveal vulnerabilities, security gaps within your network, applications or on your devices. Regular assessments will keep you informed and enable you to achieve a more preventative approach to security, often preventing issues or problems from arising in the first place.
  4. Proactively Monitor For Breaches And Cyber Threats – Cyberthreats continue to increase and evolve, these threats will cause hardware and software vulnerabilities, exposing your business to a steady barrage of security risks. To adopt a proactive and preventative approach to cybersecurity, your business must have visibility as well as insight into internal and external activities.
  5. Invest In Cyber Liability Insurance – Sometimes things don’t work out no matter how much effort you put into them. As a business, you must do everything right. However, a hacker only needs a single gap or weak point in your security systems to slip past your defenses like a trojan horse. Every business in operation today needs cyber liability insurance to protect itself when all else fails.

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