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Managed IT Services

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Total Secure Technology is ready to become your dedicated IT department, and we’ll do it at a fraction of the cost of an in-house resource. With our managed IT services, we’ll handle every aspect of your business’s technology, including premium cybersecurity defenses, hardware installations, software upgrades, and technical support. Our proactive approach enables us to resolve issues before they jeopardize your daily operations and future growth.

With your IT infrastructure and systems optimized and secure around the clock, you’ll never have to worry about costly downtime, cyberattacks, or a damaged reputation. You’ll have security threats neutralized, networks always on, workers productive, and clients satisfied. While you focus on growing your business, we help you leverage the latest technology to get work done.

Understanding Managed IT Services

Everyone talks about managed IT Services, but what does it mean?

Managed IT services are solutions handled by an MSP-specialized IT company, or Managed IT Services Provider. These services combine flat-rate, unlimited IT support for a monthly fixed fee with the proactive monitoring of IT workstations and infrastructure.

Managed IT services are a profound change in the way businesses deal with technology. Gone are the days of the “break-fix” cycle, where everything from servers, desktops, and other essential networking devices would fail before your IT team would scramble to fix them. A business working with an MSP for their IT services can now enjoy the benefits of routine preventive care for their technology—before it disrupts business operations.

What to Expect from a Managed Services Provider (MSP)

IT services from an experienced MSP can take care of a wide array of business needs. These functions include managing your network, applications, systems, payroll, servers, and backup/recovery solutions to workstation and printer management.

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Equipment Resource Management

When it comes to new hardware, MSPs can be a massive benefit to your staff. For instance, remote workers who require new equipment—think keyboards, a monitor, or printer supplies—can order this themselves while still giving IT and purchasing departments visibility and control over supplies. This process makes IT management more streamlined, and when your team buys new equipment via a corporate price list, accounting won’t need to worry about running it through expenses.

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Cloud Services

One common area where SMBs often lack expertise and resources is with cloud services. Your business can utilize an MSP to provide managed IT services such as in-house cloud services or to act as brokers with cloud services providers.

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Advantages of Managed IT Services


The ability to outsource knowledge and expertise can be a tremendous aid for small and midsize businesses. Plus, having experienced technical support available to you when you need it is priceless.

Predictable Expenses

Rather than incurring high costs for an IT issue, your company can instead pay a predictable monthly fee, future-proofing your business from unforeseen harmful events.

Maintenance and Upgrades

When opting to use an MSP for your managed IT services, you no longer must worry about whether your organization’s software is up to date, as all this is taken care of by the provider. You’ll also get access to newer technologies more quickly and affordably than you would have on your own.

Time Savings

Outsourcing the management of services like security and cloud infrastructure reduces the amount of time that in-house departments spend.

How Can I Calculate the ROI from Using Managed IT Services?

Choosing managed IT services does not automatically guarantee notable cost savings. Many businesses new to outsourcing enter into agreements expecting to realize considerable savings to their bottom lines. But, managed IT services are not a magic bullet.

When you’re looking to see a reduction in IT costs, there are savings to be had—if you look in the right places. It makes sense to look at the ROI in a few ways:

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Staffing Cost

To determine your organization’s ROI regarding staffing cost, you’ll need to evaluate your MSP integration level. Will you be using an MSP in place of IT staff or in addition to them?

In many instances, it will make more sense for smaller companies to use an MSP instead of hiring IT staff. You save a lot by paying a flat rate each month than hiring help desk staff, network administrators, security administrators, database administrators, and someone to oversee them all.

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Businesses need to consider the real cost of downtime. A recent Forbes article estimated that IT outages result in 545 hours of lost staff productivity every year. Another study by Gartner estimates that downtime costs on average $5,600 per minute.

Besides the impact on your revenue, you should also consider any negative impact downtime has on your customer reputation and satisfaction. After all, it’s far less costly to retain an existing customer than to try and win back a lost one.

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Innovation Gaps

Is your organization’s IT department spending the bulk of its time performing ongoing maintenance and routine operations? Successful companies need their IT to help propel their mission forward, but if you’re utilizing most of their time and departmental budget for basic tasks and functions—they can’t help innovate.

When you don’t innovate, you stagnate—and that can be all the difference in the world between a thriving or languishing company.

Think Managed IT Services Are Right for You?

Let’s Talk! Finding the right partner to manage your IT services is critical. You want an MSP that cannot only help you with everyday issues but one that can step up to help you navigate any murky IT issues that cross your business’s path. Because when the day arrives where you need to respond to an IT incident, you want the assurance that comes from knowing your partner has your back.

Total Secure Technologies is that partner. Our managed IT services can help you make your networks safer and more efficient with:

  • 24/7 support: technical assistance for all your devices and IT systems, anytime, day or night
  • Cybersecurity optimization: comprehensive policies, procedures, and services that keep your networks and data safe from any cyberthreats
  • A flat-rate fee: pay the same amount every month no matter what issues occur in your IT systems
  • Enterprise-level capabilities: the most powerful tools and expertise at small business-friendly prices
  • Peace of mind: rest easy with our 90-day, 100% money-back guarantee on any solution we provide

With managed IT service, and 24/7 support, including cybersecurity optimization, you can stop the break-fix cycle and move to solutions with our proactive services. Please contact us about making your networks safer with managed IT services today.