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Hints of WINDOWS 12!

Microsoft Hints at Some Exciting WINDOWS 12 Developments

The next, the newest, the latest we think of as the greatest! Why is that? Why are we so impatient to get to the next thing?

Ah, that is a philosophical question for the ages!

But here we are…on the cusp of the crisp of the changing of the times: Windows 11, still all shiny and brand new, is soon (we have it on reliable, albeit speculative authority) to be updated to Windows 12 as soon as next year!

The new, the next, the latest…why is it the greatest? Because it’s improved? Because it’s new? Because it makes thing all better? Because it fixes previous problems? Well…yes.

What will the improvements be or what will the new features be? What will Windows 12 look like? Will it be like Windows 11 or will it be completely different?

What’s Coming!

While we don’t have all the details on all the specs, our authoritative speculation has us excited about whispers of three new features that could be big news for businesses:

  1. More and better AI functionality
  2. More and better security
  3. More and better modularity

More and better AI functionality

With all the rage around AI right now, it is probably pretty obvious that Microsoft would include it in their next system update. Not only will there be more AI functionality, but there will likely be better AI functionality in Windows 12. Likely, we’ll see better AI analysis of our content with prompts to help us begin projects or choose apps to get things done efficiently. This, of course, will speed up what we’re doing with improved AI “intuition” for what we’ll do next.

More and better security

Microsoft has already made it known that it wants to bring us faster and better security, so it’s not unlikely that this will be a part of Windows 12. It’s likely things will be split into different sections rather than having the entire OS as a single entity as it stands today. That means updates to different elements will be able to run in the background while you continue to work, and different people may be granted access to each partition for improved security.

More and better modularity

Before we dive into how Microsoft might improve modularity of Windows, let’s quickly define “modularity.” Simply put, “modularity” is how a network or system is able to be separated and recombined to allow for flexibility and variety. What this means for Windows 12 is that Microsoft will likely make the experience more modular, dividing components of the system so that both high-powered and lower-powered devices will get the best experience for their respective power sizes. That means that experiences in Windows 12 will be tailor made for each device, which means that a high-powered device will get the maximum Windows experience while a lower-powered device will still have access to all the necessary applications without needlessly running operations that incumber performance.

Get Ready!

Some of these features may be reliant on dedicated hardware and upgraded equipment and we’re waiting for more announcements on that. As soon as we hear, you’ll be the first to know! If you haven’t yet made the move to Windows 11, now’s a good time. We can help you update and upgrade! Contact us today to find out how!

Sourced with permission from Your Tech Updates.