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Happy Holidays with Smart Tech Savviness

Cyber-Tech Savvy = Holiday Happiness

Sad Holiday Scenarios

Scenario 1: There you are: online, shopping, and a popup pops up, telling you to “click here now!” for a complete and total savings! And you…you just want to shop, so you click the X to close the ad. But it just redirects you to another site that says your device has now become infected with malware and you have to remove it with some device cleaner. And no matter how much you try to close out the window or go back to your shopping page, the unwanted window just repopulates.

Scenario 2: You’re traveling to go see gramma or grandpapa or your aunts and uncles, in-laws, cousins, second or third cousins, your parents, your kids…someone you love, you’re going to see. You pull out your smartphone and connect to the public Wi-Fi in the airport, when suddenly you receive a message from your bank: it states that your account has just been used to make an attempted purchase.

Scenario 3: You return home from the holidays and find that your home has been burglarized. You discover that nothing has been taken, but oddly enough, your desktop has been signed into and you see that your online accounts are open and signed into. You had forgotten to log out before you left for dinner at your in-laws’.

How can you have a happy holidays, when this time of the year is when there is a significant increase in cyberattacks?

How to Have a Happy Holidays with Smart Tech Savviness

  1. Access secure sites only
    • Access sites with the URL beginning with “https://” only, as they are encrypted and secure
    • Don’t make purchases on public Wi-Fi
    • Make purchases from sites you know and trust
    • Log out of your accounts immediately after using them
  2. Don’t trust public Wi-Fi
    • Use a VPN app
    • Access secure sites only
    • Use mobile data, as it is usually encrypted
  3. Unplug and log out
    • Unplug your devices before traveling, saving your device from any potential power surges
    • Manually log out of any and all apps, online or otherwise, so if someone gains access to your physical device, they won’t be able to log into your apps

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