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Differing Attitudes toward Cybercrime

Kids these days…

If you employ anyone between the ages of 16 and 19, you should pay special attention to the cybersecurity training you’re giving your team. It seems that every generation has had some issue with another generation, usually it’s the “well-refined” generation taking issue with the younger generation, saying things like “Those kids these days!” The pages of history itself attest to this, too. The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle is quoted as having said, “[Young people] think they know everything, and are always quite sure about it.”

Risky business

One recent study indicates that what has become normal for young people online is a host of worrying activity, much of which is illegal. Rest assured, they’re not all engaging in ransomware attacks or stealing data; but one in three 16 to 19-year-olds has admitted to digital piracy and a quarter have tracked or trolled someone else online.

While some of these behaviors may not directly affect your business, some are so commonplace that young people see them as simply a part of everyday life.

That kind of mentality and thinking can be dangerous; and it’s not something you want them bringing to work.

The reason is because something like casual software piracy or illegal downloads on work devices could open the door to a massive security breach.

How can you address this sort of thinking and behavior?

First, hold cybersecurity training for your employees on a regular basis.

Second, ensure that employees understand the importance of cybersecurity awareness and due diligence.

Third, hold employees accountable to the cybersecurity training you provide.

What should your cybersecurity training include?

  1. Highlight the impact of bad online behavior and the potential for security breaches.
  2. Help everyone understand how this kind of activity can harm others, including your business.
  3. Make everyone aware of the scams and attacks to which your business is vulnerable as well as the part that each employee plays in keeping everyone secure and protected.
  4. Make the consequences clear for anyone found to be engaging in this kind of behavior.

Do you need help implementing this kind of cybersecurity training?

We can help! We have a litany of training programs and courses that your business can utilize and implement as well as penetration testing and network assessments. Contact us today and get trained and protected!