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Myths about Cloud Backup Solutions

There you are: at the front door of your home. But you’re locked out. And you forgot to put the spare key under the small fake rock out front. And no one else is home. On top of all that, your phone is dead. Suddenly, your house bursts into flames. And then you remember you may have forgotten to turn off your heater…or maybe it was the gas leak you never got around to fixing. Then again, it could have been the fact that you definitely maybe left the stove on. Or had the dryer running while you were out.

While the loss of a home might be covered by insurance, there’s no recovering the precious spaces where memories are made and important information is stored. Likewise, if you don’t have a backup for your cloud-based services, it can result in the loss of very valuable data pertinent for your business and its function.

Just as there are various kinds of home insurance policies, so there are various kinds of ways to back up your data.

In this blog, we’ll look at some of the most common myths regarding cloud backup platforms and how to select the best one for your organization.

Debunking the myths

Below are three myths regarding cloud backup platforms and solutions along with ways to address the myths as well as the reality of the need for backup solutions.

What happens when the cloud backups are down?

Myth #1: Cloud platforms provide comprehensive backup

While there might be a certain level of backup built into productivity solutions like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, it is often not enough to fully protect your organization. It is recommended that you add a more robust backup solution. Why? Because a robust backup solution can help protect against data loss. Without a robust backup solution, you chance leaving your network open to data loss due to hardware failures, software glitches, user errors, and malicious attacks. This is especially true for businesses that rely heavily on email and other cloud-based services. We can help you develop a robust backup solution. Contact us today!

Keep your access keys out of reach!

Myth #2: Backups protect against ransomware

Ransomware can still occur, even if you back up your organization’s data. While backing up your data is critical in protecting your business from ransomware or other cyberattacks, it alone does not keep your data from cybertheft or encryption. Further, while a robust backup and recovery solution ensures that you can quickly and easily restore your lost or stolen data, such a solution does not also protect you from risk of further harm, if the cybercriminal uses the data already stolen against you. Thus, it is imperative to not only have a robust backup and recovery solution, but also an all-encompassing, layered levels of security. We can help you develop a robust backup and recovery solution, as well as an all-encompassing, layered system of security. Contact us now!

Not all cloud backup solutions are the same…

Myth #3: Any backup solution will do since all backup solutions are the same

When it comes to data backup and recovery solutions, businesses have numerous options before them. There is a backup solution to meet the needs of any organization, from simple solutions that create a copy of your data to more robust enterprise-level solutions, including integrations with productivity applications and advanced security measures. When choosing the best backup solution for your organization, it is important to first determine your specific requirements, whether that be a simple solution or a more robust solution. Knowing your organizational needs will help you choose wisely from the available options best suited for your business. We can help! Call us today!


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