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Cloud Backup Benefits

Cloud backup solutions shouldn’t be a problem.

Ninety-nine Problems, but a Backup Ain’t One

While you will face all kinds of difficulties and challenges in running your business, a cloud backup doesn’t need to be one. You have the power to control whether or not you suffer a data loss. Data loss is a real threat to all businesses nowadays, with nearly, if not everything, online and digital in one way or another. Factors that contribute to the loss of data are many, but often relate to hardware damage, software malfunctions, natural disasters, or simple human error. Data loss can also result in loss of money, time, and other resources necessary to resolve it.

Like getting a date, you can sit around, wringing your hands, wondering when the perfect person will come around, or you can take action; you can sit around and wait for a data loss incident to happen, or you can take action. While it’s near impossible to avoid any and all data loss incidents, it is possible to establish a data backup strategy to mitigate data loss.

Four big benefits of cloud backup

Save with the cloud!

1. It’s cheaper to rely on cloud backup than to build and maintain an in-house backup method.

Cost is the most compelling reason to implement a cloud backup. Cloud backup services are typically subscription-based with a monthly or annual fee for a certain amount of storage. Paying the fee for cloud storage is immensely less expensive and time-consuming than building and maintaining your own physical backup infrastructure. Additionally, many cloud backup services are pay-as-you-go, so you would only pay for what storage you actually need and use, and you can usually get a discount by signing up for a long-term contract.

Scale up with the cloud!

2. Cloud backup is scalable and can grow with you.

As your organization grows, so will the amount of data that needs to be stored and saved. With an on-site physical backup solution, growth can pose a problem: you will need to choose between either purchasing and setting up additional hardware or selecting which existing data needs to be deleted to make room for new data. With a cloud backup solution, though, you can effortlessly add more storage space as required, which makes it easier to keep your backup up-to-date, without stressing about insufficient space.

More security with the cloud!

3. Cloud backups are generally more secure against ransomware attacks.

With the surge of ransomware attacks in the recent past, many businesses are scrambling to increase their security measures. One area that has come under scrutiny is data backup. Some organizations are moving their backups to the cloud, in order to take advantage of the increased security that cloud services provide.

No doubt, cloud backups are more secure than on-site backups because cloud backup providers have numerous security measures to protect data and are always improving their defenses against new threats. Furthermore, cloud backups are stored in multiple locations, making it more difficult for attackers to delete or encrypt all backup copies.

Though cloud backups are more secure, you should still protect your data because cloud backups are not immune to attack. The steps you should take include encrypting backups and restricting unauthorized access to data.

The cloud is omni-accessible!

4. Data backed up in the cloud is accessible from anywhere.

If you want to access your data from anywhere, local data backups are not the answer: cloud backup solutions are, which is the height of convenience as well as efficiency, especially for remote work. Not only do cloud backups allow access to data from anywhere, they afford the opportunity for efficient and seamless collaboration with just a few clicks.

The future of data storage lies in the cloud, no doubt: it is more secure and accessible than local data backup and ensures that your data is always available, whenever you should need it.

We will back you up!

We can back you up!

Like any business today, it is mission critical to have a robust cloud backup and disaster recovery plan. But for you to do that alone would require a lot of technical skill and knowledge as well as a lot of work. We, however, can help you with all the heavy-lifting: we have both the skill and know-how as well as the manpower to implement a robust cloud backup and disaster recovery plan for you. Contact us today to see how we might be able to service you and your organization, keeping your data safe and secure.