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Tech Times – July

Tech Times – April 2021

Our Road from MSP to MSSP Today’s companies need technology to function. Without it, businesses cannot compete and succeed. But with technology comes the ever-constant threatof hackers and cybercriminals. That’s why small- and mid-sized businessesneed to protect themselves with robust cybersecurity solutions managed by IT professionals.

Tech Times – February 2021

Are Your Mobile Devices Protected? Mobile devices are indispensable. Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile gadgets play a big part in everyday processes, especially for individuals and companies that valueconnection and convenience. But as the number of mobile devices used in business operations increases, so do the cyberthreats that target them. Be sure to follow these …

Tech Times – January 2021

MSP vs. MSSP What’s the Difference? Managed Service Providers (MSPs) typically offer server/desktop monitoring and management, data backup and local network and endpoint support for client organizations. At one time, this model was a good alternative to break-fix or on-demand outsourcing, where these services are provided on a more sporadic, as-needed basis.

Tech Times – October 2020

What Private Browsing Can and Can’t Do As you surf the web, it’s nearly impossible to keep your internet activity completely private. Certain websites collect personal information for marketing purposes and your browser keeps track of all the websites you visit. That browsing information can also fall into the wrong hands, which is why you …

Tech Times – September 2020

Cyber Tips for Working Remotely Remote work policies have become a necessity not just because of the current coronavirus crisis, but also for the ways they improve a company’s bottom line and efficiency. Yet despite remote work’s benefits, it leaves you and your company exposed to online scams and other cybersecurity threats. To defend your …