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Busting Technology End-of-Service Myths

busting technology end of service and end of life myths

Success is in the Details*

Everyone is trying to make it and get ahead, including you, me, the person next to you, the person across the street, the man upstairs and downstairs–and even the cybercriminal across the net. In order to achieve optimal success in your endeavors to be efficient, productive, and to thrive, you need to remove roadblocks, smooth out the road before you, fill in potholes.

As the world becomes increasingly integrated with online access and internet connectivity, it is near impossible not to be on an online network to do any sort of business. And just as you wouldn’t leave the doors and windows of your house open and unlocked before you leave for the day, so you shouldn’t leave access points in your network open and unguarded 24/7/365.

The way to a smooth road and secure network lies in having such services and items in place as cybersecurity, EDR, MDR, network patching, firewalls, BDR, MFA, SEIM, and the like. Such things like these will help secure your network against cybercriminals, who, like you, are trying to make it and get ahead–albeit, at your expense.

What many businesses don’t realize is that infiltration of your network by cybercriminals, causing downtime and money lost, increases significantly, if you don’t keep all software and hardware up-to-date.

Myth #1: If it ain’t broke…

The old adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” does not apply in the tech and cyber world. More to the point would be “If it ain’t broke (and you don’t fix it)…then you might be broke.” The truth is that if you don’t update your software and hardware when the time comes, you expose your network to security vulnerabilities, bugs, and a myriad of other issues.

Not only are there several reasons to keep your software and hardware up-to-date, such as stability of applications and platforms, security patches that protect your network, and new features/enhancements that make life so much easier, there is also the fact that the success of your enterprise depends on it.

Myth #2: End of Life means that the product will cease to exist

End of Life (EOL) of a product does not mean that the product will go out of existence. What it means is that it will no longer receive security updates, new features, or tech support from the manufacturer. While you might be able to limp along with a product that has reached its EOL, you leave yourself and your network increasingly open to vulnerabilities and security risks, let alone the fact that you may be unable to keep up with your workload.

The way to avoid this is to upgrade hardware, update software, or invest in a new software license. This will smooth the road before you toward success by securing your network.

Myth #3: End of Service means I can still use the product until it breaks

Like with EOL, End of Service (EOS) does not mean that you should continue using a platform, whether it be hardware or software, without updating or upgrading it. That is to say, even though the platform may continue to function, it will no longer be supported. Lack of support means that your platform will no longer have a team of people working not only to improve the product but also look after, communicate, create, ,and release patches as new security vulnerabilities arise.

In short, by not upgrading, you leave yourself and your network and, hence, your business vulnerable and open to threats from cyberattacks.

Join hands for success

Now, it’s understandable that updating and upgrading platforms may not be at the forefront of your mind: you’ve got a business to run and the bottom-line to meet, bills and employees to pay, mouths to feed, along with all the rest of life to live. That’s where we come in: it is our top priority to ensure that your platforms, your software and hardware, are up-to-date, keeping you up and running, so you don’t suffer avoidable consequences. Remember, success is in the details!*

Contact us today, so you can continue to thrive tomorrow!

*By “details” we mean “updates.” Contact us today to update your system network!