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Best Places to Work 2023

Best Places to Work 2023

What does it mean to be named among one of the Best Places to Work in Sacramento by the Sacramento Business Journal?

It means that Total Secure Technology has been assessed and evaluated by the Sacramento Business Journal in conjunction with Quantum Workplace, both of which use stringent standards by which to judge organizations to determine their eligibility as well as feedback from employees of the organizations.

One employee in particular wrote the following about Total Secure Technology and working here, stating:

“Total Secure Technology is one of the best places to work for a number of reasons: 1) the employees of the company are extremely friendly, engaging, and kind; 2) the leadership of the company is down-to-earth and realistic, seeking the greater good of all by any means possible; 3) our team is made up of skilled individuals who all contribute 100% day-in and day-out; 4) our clients are some of the best people to get to know and serve, who legitimately understand our processes and procedures as well as our standards and requirements; and 5) there is always room for laughter and dialogue in our company.

“At TST, we don’t just provide excellent customer service as well as superb IT support, we also provide the element of the human touch, the connection that technology only begins to hint at. We do this by engaging one another and our clients with kindness and compassion, empathy and understanding, seeking to understand, in addition to being understood. And we have a good time doing it all! There isn’t an hour of the day that doesn’t go by that someone cracks a joke or makes you smile because of their kindness and good humor. There isn’t a day that doesn’t go by that we don’t check in with each other to ensure that each of us is being heard and understood. Accountability is important as is productivity, and these are not only generated but improved upon by genuinely and compassionately interacting with one another.”