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April Tech Tip

Learn about the Expanding Ransomware Threatscape

The following stats prove how severe ransomware threats are:

Under the HIPAA privacy rule, a ransomware attack is a notifiable violation even if PHI is just encrypted and not copied or stolen. With businesses getting smarter by having offline backups to recover their data and operations rather than paying a ransom, cybercriminals are resorting to new ransomware approaches such as:

Double-threat ransomware

Hackers use this approach to encrypt healthcare data and make copies for themselves. The targeted organization then receives a note demanding payment for the decryption keys as well as a warning threatening disclosure of the protected data if the ransom isn’t paid.

Triple-threat ransomware

In this approach, an organization receives a ransom note demanding payment and is threatened with disclosure of protected data, while their patients receive ransom notes demanding payments as well. Click the button below to schedule a consultation and help your business fight ransomware attacks!