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April Tech Tip

Importance of Layered Security in Cyber Defense

Most SMBs, (Small to Medium Sized Business) have an antivirus or firewall installed, but this is usually insufficient to combat today’s sophisticated threat landscape. As an IT consulting company, Total Secure Technology will combat all incoming threats. Because no security technology or measure is flawless or guaranteed, layered security assumes that attackers will infiltrate different layers of an organization’s defenses or that they have already done so. The goal of Total Secure Technology’s approach is to provide multiple layers of IT security and IT support so that if an attack gets past one security tool, there are others in place to help identify and stop the attack before your data is stolen.

According to a report, 304 million ransomware attacks occurred globally in 2021, with ransomware affecting over 65% of global businesses. Experts suggest that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately, even though SMBs continue to be disproportionately affected by these nefarious attacks, reporting and notifications rarely make the news. Having the right MSP for IT support will prevent the attacks from getting into your IT infrastructure. The Three Elements of Layered Security are:

  1. Prevention – Security policies, controls, and processes should all be devised and implemented during the prevention phase.
  2. Detection – The goal of detection is to discover and notify of a compromise as soon as possible.
  3. Response – A quick response is crucial for the detection phase to be meaningful.

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