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March Tech Tip

7 Things to Consider When Selecting a Backup & Recovery Solution

  1. Hybrid storage – As most companies are currently dealing with a distributed workforce, just having an on-premise backup will not suffice. Hybrid storage that provides on-premise and cloud storage options is what businesses need.
  2. Recoverability – It shouldn’t be just about recovering a single deleted file but rather about quickly getting your entire business up and running following a cyber disruption event.
  3. Regular backup – In the digital era, businesses are constantly creating and updating data. Loss of this data can lead to severe complications beyond what many SMBs can tolerate. Hence, regular data backups are essential.
  4. Remote access – No one, especially after the pandemic, runs a business from one location and system. A modern backup solution must, therefore, facilitate remote access.
  5. Scalability – Every business wants to grow bigger at the next best opportunity. The backup solution that you use must be scalable to meet your business’s growth needs.
  6. Support – Your backup solution provider must provide timely assistance whenever required. If not, your business could face a hit in productivity, profits and time.
  7. Satisfies Security and Compliance standards – The backup solution must provide encryption of data and only authorized personnel should be able to access it. Similarly, data handling and other vital functionalities must comply with regulatory standards.

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